The overall objective of OFF2013 project – supported by the European Union within the framework of the Calypso Program – is to facilitate low-season transnational exchanges of seniors (50+) and families – in particular families with small children, or with 3 or more children, or with single parents – between Hungary and Poland. The aim of OFF2013 partners was to create a model, a framework with offers tailor-made to the needs and possibilities of the above 2 target groups, making a holiday in the other country accessible.
Seniors and families interested can find information on the actual offers in their mother tongue under the Offers section of this website.


  • Project completed

    On November 30th 2013 our project co-financed by the European Union, came to an end. In the past 11 months OFF2013 partners was working on to map the needs and possibilities of Hungarian and Polish seniors and families, – especially of large families, single parent families and families with small children, – ...

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  • Study Tour OFF2013

    Within the framework of OFF2013, suppliers invited the representatives of senior and family organizations of the other country to take part in the study tour. The goal of the study tour was to experience first-hand the tailor-made services offered by the suppliers, and to have an impression on the type of accommodations and programs to be involved.

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