Study Tour OFF2013

Within the framework of OFF2013, suppliers invited the representatives of senior and family organizations of the other country to take part in the study tour. The goal of the study tour was to experience first-hand the tailor-made services offered by the suppliers, and to have an impression on the type of accommodations and programs to be involved.

First, November 6-8, 2013, the Polish delegation of the target groups came to Hungary: School of Active Seniors, Regional Association of Large Families, Organization for Families in Crisis and Single Parent Families.

Then the representatives of the Hungarian organizations traveled to Malopolska between November 14 and 16, 2013: National Association of Large Families, Confederation of Hungarian Trade Unions – Pensioners Division.

The feedbacks of both study tours were absolutely positive, which gives great hopes for the project partners. Throughout the trip, the representatives could easily ask their questions and with reference to the needs of the target group represented help the suppliers with on-the-spot responses, and by that contribute to the development of target-group specific products.